Okay, I guess I'll get at least one of these other pages up.

I'm Michael Plautz. My passions are music and my family. Oh I know... that sounds so generic! But I promise, those actually are my passions! Everybody* loves listening to and writing music, but I love it more! If I could have one job, it would making music. Writing it, playing it... but I don't have that job. I also love my family, but for real and not in that come home from work and ignore them for ESPN way. I know I wrote about loving music before loving my family, but it's only because I thought that would be more interesting to the reader.

*Okay, so not everybody, but, like, a lot of people.

Since I was little, I've been surrounded by technology. Around age 10, I got introduced both to a camcorder and a Compaq laptop, where I started fiddling with QBASIC and learning how to program. I liked it so much, I decided to make a career out of it. Well, there are a few details I am leaving out between age 10 and now, but that's what I do for a living now, and I enjoy it!

Except, I hate technology. Okay, so hate is a very strong word, so maybe I shouldn't say that. I work with technology all the time, and I am pretty familiar with it, so I put up with it. Technology can be very irritating because of how frequently it fails me. Now I live in a society that is so tightly integrated with technology, and I am so frequently disappointed by it. I won't go into all of my opinions about modern society (and instead, I'll save that for future installments of my comments). Basically, I could envision myself just fine in a world with a bit less technology — maybe an accoustic guitar, a fishing rod*, and my family of course.

*I'll be honest, I haven't gone fishing in like 20 years, but I imagine I'd still like it

Working with technology is still very fascinating to me for one particular reason. It's because I love to build things. Creating things is what gets me out of bed every day. Music. Furniture. Web applications. Writings. Drawings. I love creating, and I will look past all of technology's shortcomings to find new ways to create and build things in code and on computers. I put together this website because I wanted to learn how to build a site, and also have a platform to put my valued opinions, as well as blog about... whatever it is people blog about... themselves I guess. Want to contact me? I welcome it! Shoot me an email to my junk email that I only ever check every so often in case I get spam: mikeplautz@yahoo.com